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Let us provide quality and professional horse training for your horse and instruction for you. Centaurgenics (sen-tar-jen'-iks) is located in Reno, Nevada, and specializes in horse and human training that develops trust and harmony through understanding and clear communication.

A Lifelong Passion
With a combined 50-plus years of experience plus an ongoing commitment to excellence in education, Mark and Rebekka can offer you and your horse the highest value and quality in everything they do.  When it comes to training, lessons or trimming, Rebekka is recognized as one of Northern Nevada's finest.  If it's bodywork, Biofeedback, or an exclusive Timberline saddle, Mark is the one you are looking for.



The Centaurgenics Approach to Training
A synergistic union between horse and human is a process that creates a more perfect partnership. It is about listening, not whispering; dancing, not just riding. In everything we do, we are dedicated to helping the horse be comfortable and happy in the human environment. That means educating the horse in a way that feels safe for both the horse and human, utilizing methods that the horse can easily understand. Our training is based on clear communication, trust, and understanding.

Catering to Horses and Their Humans
We offer a total package addressing health, fitness, and training for the horses and their humans. We also find products, such as the fine saddles for sale on our services page, designed to encourage positive experiences together. Whatever your needs are, we're here to guide you to successful harmony with your horse. Striving to truly connect riders and horses, that's what Centaurgenics is all about.

Upcoming Events

Mark and Rebekka, via Centaurgenics, sponsor or provide clinics designed to bring you closer to your horse.  Check in here for the latest developments and schedule.

Balanced Riding Clinic with Rebekka Rhodes 

WHEN: Sunday, July 27, 2014

WHERE: 11200 Cimarron Drive, Reno, NV 89508 775-972-9025

TIME: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. with a lunch break,


COST: Participants w/ horse: $120 Clients & NHANN Members; $150 Public, payable in advance only. Select horses available for additional fees.

(Refundable fee only if participant finds replacement rider.)

Auditors: $20 Clients & NHANN Members; $35 Public - pay at the door.

SIGN UP: Call: 775-972-9025 Text: 775-232-8925 or E-mail: 

Come find out how YOU can help your horse
by being a more balanced, confident and sensitive rider!
  • Have you ever wondered if your horse and you could perform better?
  • Are you tired of having sore back, knees or feet during or after riding?
  • Do you wish you felt more in "control" when riding?
  • Ever wonder why your horse bends left better than right, does something entirely different than waht you thought you were asking for, or picks up one lead better than the other?
  • Are you ever just uncomfortable or uncertain at any time while riding?


  • Tips, tools and techniques to develop "feel" for your horse, and learn to stay "out of his way" to allow maximum performance and maximum comfort for you and your horse.
  • Learn the secrets of your own conformation, how it influences your riding and what you can do to become a better rider with the body you have.
  • Learn how your personal physical and mental habits influence your riding, and develop ways to "ride while not riding".
  • Work off and on the horse, with and without partners, to discover proper biomechanics, applicable to healthy daily living AND learn to ride your horse more confidently and comfortably.
  • Your personal "secrets" to balanced riding; a new level of "feel" through hyour seat to the horse; how to have "contact" with your horse through feel.

From mounting, to flying lead changes...
whether you plan to spend minutes or days in the saddle,
then this Balanced Riding Clinic is for you!

Contact us at (888) 712-2693 for more information on our horse training in Reno, Nevada.  |  Serving Reno, Nevada, & Surrounding Area