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Let us provide quality and professional horse training for your horse and instruction for you. Centaurgenics (sen-tar-jen'-iks) is located in Reno, Nevada, and specializes in horse and human training that develops trust and harmony through understanding and clear communication.

A Lifelong Passion
With a combined 50-plus years of experience plus an ongoing commitment to excellence in education, Mark and Rebekka can offer you and your horse the highest value and quality in everything they do.  When it comes to training, lessons or trimming, Rebekka is recognized as one of Northern Nevada's finest.  If it's bodywork, Biofeedback, or an exclusive Timberline saddle, Mark is the one you are looking for.



The Centaurgenics Approach to Training
A synergistic union between horse and human is a process that creates a more perfect partnership. It is about listening, not whispering; dancing, not just riding. In everything we do, we are dedicated to helping the horse be comfortable and happy in the human environment. That means educating the horse in a way that feels safe for both the horse and human, utilizing methods that the horse can easily understand. Our training is based on clear communication, trust, and understanding.

Catering to Horses and Their Humans
We offer a total package addressing health, fitness, and training for the horses and their humans. We also find products, such as the fine saddles for sale on our services page, designed to encourage positive experiences together. Whatever your needs are, we're here to guide you to successful harmony with your horse. Striving to truly connect riders and horses, that's what Centaurgenics is all about.

Upcoming Events

Mark and Rebekka, via Centaurgenics, sponsor or provide clinics designed to bring you closer to your horse.  Check in here for the latest developments and schedule

                                                        ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR, LYDIA HIBY


YOU CAN Learn Non-Verbal Animal Communication with


Lydia is the most sought after animal communicator around. Over the past 20 years, she has worked with over 60,000 clients from every state in the U.S. and from European countries as well.  Many of her clients began as skeptics. Lydia likes skeptics, she says, and believes that once she proves herself to a skeptic, that skeptic becomes her best publicity. Lydia has also coauthored a book, Conversations with Animals, detailing her experiences.

Lydia’s visit is hosted by: Rebekka Rhodes, 11200 Cimarron Dr., Reno, NV 89508,(15 min.north of Reno)  in cooperation with the Northern Nevada Horsemanship Association.  


THURSDAY July 12, 2018, 6:00 PM, Presentation! Lydia will speak at the monthly meeting of the Northern Nevada Horsemanship Association.  Everyone is welcome to attend this excellent presentation!  IT'S FREE!!  Location: Round Table Pizza, Reno Town Mall Shopping Center (diagonally across from the Atlantis Hotel and Casino.)


FRIDAY, July 13, 2018, Individual Sessions start at 10:00 am:  Lydia will do private readings with you and your pet. (Pet does not need to be present). A reservation and pre-payment is required to hold your spot. COST: $55/reading/15 minutes. Location: 11200 Cimarron Drive, Reno, NV 89508


 SATURDAY, July 14, 2018, Clinic, 10:00-4:00

"Non-Verbal Communication with Animals

includes 3 hours of theory, followed by at least 3 hours of practical application/practice.  Location: 11200 Cimarron Drive, Reno, NV 89508

For the class, bring a chair, your lunch and your pet companion (with prior host approval).  Please avoid alcohol, medical suppressants or heavy carbohydrate foods before attending, as these cause rapid fatigue and block communication. Notebooks are provided.

You Will Learn: Vital pet nutrition and homeopathic first aid; psychological characteristics of specific breeds that may not be changed through training or ESP; how to correct the bully pet; how to effectively house-break your pet; how to break up a dog fight without getting bitten; and how to use non-verbal communication for training or in show situations.

Seminar Cost: $355 per person. $305 for over 55's or 2nd person in same family. FREE to former students (bring your notebook please,  pay $5 host fee). All classes/sessions must be prepaid.  Fees non-refundable unless class is cancelled.

FOR REGISTRATION, Please provide:

·         Your name, age, address, city, state, zip; phone number

·         Your email address;

·         The name, species, and breed of your pet that you will bring to the seminar (host approved).

For more information, to schedule an individual session, or sign up for the seminar, and send pre-payment, please call Rebekka at 775-972-9025; text 775-232-8925; email 

Checks or money orders can be made to and mailed to Rebekka Rhodes (Lydia Hiby), 11200 Cimarron Drive,  Reno,  NV 89508. (Visa and Mastercard accepted with 3% cc fee added.)

For more information about Lydia, please see her website . You can also contact her at 818-244-0091 or


                                              TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE

                                                                                                                    by  REBEKKA RHODES

Tessa was sleeping in the arena.  The day was so warm, sunny, and mesmerizing in its quietness.  The other horses slept on their feet, dozing and soaking up the intense, glorious sunshine, some distance away from the lovely black mare.

Christine walked toward Tessa, softly calling her name, making sure she was aware of her, and not suddenly awakened or startled.  Tessa lay motionless, with the exception of her eyes rounding open, acknowledging the human presence.  Christine knelt and haltered the mare, who still had not even changed the rhythm of her breathing.

It took some serious coaxing to get Tessa to her feet – she would have much preferred to continue her early spring nap in the soft, loamy soil.  Her eyes stayed soft as she followed Christine out the gate, and they continued to be large and fluid, her breathe as quiet as could be, even as things were done in an unusual fashion. She was surrounded by people, and had no worry about that, or anything else, it seemed.  She appeared to be a changed animal.

Observing this, an onlooker would never realize that not too many months ago this same beautiful mare was hyper-vigilant, completely skeptical, and constantly in edgy flight-or-fight mode when things were asked of her by a human, unless it was her idea in the first place. She would appear compliant and calm under certain circumstances or pleasurable things, such as grooming a particularly itchy spot.  But by gum, there were many not-okay spots, so she made sure she let humans know… And despite the fact that she could DO everything, it was done with many hard, braced areas in her body and mind. Her defenses were always up, rarely did she let herself down, let her guard down, or truly relax into what was going on, especially where humans were concerned. She was always looking for a “way out” – escape or avoid. And when left to her own devices, she went feral at the first inkling of an opportunity…

Tessa is far from completely healed from all of the things that distressed her, but she is totally on the right path to getting there now. To see this, to know this level of healing is possible, to see it as healing, not training, is quite revolutionary in its scope, and in the mindset necessary to achieve it.

We as humans have to extend trust, and be trustworthy.  We have to BE the safe place, the one who KNOWS, the one who is first to respond – to anything!  But we also have to understand that being cautious produces caution.  Being careful might look like being sneaky to a horse.  There is so much to learn – as humans – in order to understand and communicate HORSE, not human, to a horse…  and that requires that we FOCUS on what we want, what our ideal is, and remain calmly there, in that place where belief in something suddenly takes shape. It actually begins, and lays down primary foundations.

We could liken it to the artist who begins with a large chunk of clay, nothing more.  But in the artist’s mind, there is a glorious, regal horse within that heavy mass, just waiting to emerge and be seen by all the world.  The artist softly, methodically begins to carve that clay, carefully, diligently, quietly, hour after hour, day after day. Various tools are used, some more, some less. The clay begins to morph into something different.  It does not yet look like the powerful equine that is seen in the artist’s mind. But eventually, over a fairly lengthy period of time, the image captured and held firmly in the artist’s imagination is brought nearly to life! A muscular, yet refined and graceful mare has become a reality, with all that is needed to enhance it, perfect it, is a little bit of polishing. Anyone viewing this gorgeous piece of art has no idea of the many arduous hours put into the creation of this stunning work. Yet it is impossible to deny it – to say it is anything other than fantastic! Beauty was in there all along… 

As horse lovers, we often focus on the negative such as the “what if’s”, the “what do I do then” questions, the fears of past failures or unknown risks.  But I will repeat what I have often said for decades now: “What you focus on, you become.” Meaning, your self-talk MUST be what you WANT, as opposed to what you fear, don’t want, or don’t know. Knowing what you don’t want is different than trying to envision what you don’t want – our minds don’t work that way.  We cannot see “don’t”, we see what follows the negative word.  It’s a picture, and it influences our body language, our energy and what we say to our horses.  They see the thing we picture – so picturing “don’t spook” can produce “Spook!”

Learning to turn things around in the right direction when you catch yourself falling into the negative self-talk traps we all have so near and dear to our hearts is like realizing you are chewing your fingernails after you’ve destroyed one or two, rather than waiting until they are all chewed off to stop chewing on them.  Say to yourself, “Oh – there I go again, ha! Now, what is it that I WANT??” So, stop chewing on your nails, and start chewing on the vision – the internal view of what you really want, and of course, finding the answers to the steps that must be taken to achieve that vision’s reality.

You could say, “Hm, I guess I need to find out how to do _________(fill in the blank), so we can do that together.”  Then break that down even further by listing the little, tiny stepping stones you must cross to get there.  Sometimes we don’t see all of the stepping stones, and someone else can see them clearly and help us find them, and thereby find a way to help the horse.  And that’s the point – helping the horse!  I love to say, “Horse, how can I help you?!” instead of something demeaning, or relating to my own frustration, fear, or failures. Adding, “What we do together”, versus “what I do TO the horse”…

Tessa will continue to evolve into a more and more “I’m OK with my domestic life” horse, given the right recipe of time with humans supporting her to the right decisions. For now, we will bask in the sunlight of incredible healing, witnesses to the power of positive energy, focus and intention, producing actual healing, deeply embedded in the horse’s mind, body, emotion and spirit. 

Rebekka Rhodes

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